If you are ...

     - An established company or in the process of constitution with product or creative service that places special emphasis on design < 5 years

    - A creative company with a new line of business out of your main activity (spin offs without limit of constitution)

    - A creative entrepreneur or one with a sensitivity to design and creativity that needs support to promote and grow your business project

    ... Participate in the Design Ideas Market (MID) and present your idea!



    If your proposal is selected, you will have access to the Creative Industries Investment Forum which will be organized in early November and will consist on the following sections:

    • #MID_MONEY!
    • #MID_TALENT!
    • #MID_PEOPLE! 


    #MID_MONEY! We connect the finalists with the type of investment that is specifically adapted to each case. The following formats will be organized:

    • Creative Industries Investment Forum: Space in which entrepreneurs finalists with investable projects will present their proposals in elevator pitch format to investors and other actors in the field of financing.
    • Financing meetings: Space organized in collaboration with operators in the world of financing that gives the opportunity for entrepreneurs finalists with viable innovative ideas to present their projects to public institutions and private funding facilitators.
    • MIDtheCROWD: Workshops and papers related to crowdfunding for finalists and creative public.


    #MID_BUSINESS! We link entrepreneurs finalists with companies potentially interested in becoming industrial partners, first clients, facilitate their distribution or clients network, etc. A customised closed agenda will be previously developed for each finalist.


    #MID_KNOWLEDGE! In this section, prior to the celebration of the MID Forum, will be held sessions and workshops that will help entrepreneurs focus their projects and prepare for  its launch to the market.


    #MID_TALENT! Section dedicated to connect the finalists with other complementary profiles to generate synergies and thereby expand their network of professional contacts.


    #MID_PEOPLE! One of the main goals of the MID is to give visibility to the finalists' projects, and we do so by:

    • Presence in the catalogue of MID 2015 finalists
    • Participation in the online exhibit of MID 2015 with all the finalists' projects
    • Promoting the finalist start-ups in 2.0 networks


    • BCD - Barcelona Centre de Disseny
    • MID

    • FSE
    • Cámaras - Fundación INCYDE