Design Management Europe Award

The DME Award is a competition to identify and award the best design management practices in the European businesses and organisations.

The contribution that the design disciplines can make to the success of an organisation largely depends on how well such activities are managed and integrated. From a well prepared brief for a design consultant to the complete integration of a design culture; all such practices require strong leadership and careful planning.

Design management practices can vary significantly between different businesses and organisations due to a wide range of factors including: size of organisation; design capability; market; services; and, products. To judge the effectiveness of managing design from a wide range of situations the DME Award process allows an applicant to communicate their context, approach and results.

To win a DME Award is recognition, from an international jury of management experts, that you and your organisation are European leaders in innovation and implementing change, and can demonstrate excellence in management.

DME Award is organised by the DME Network, composed by 20 European entities, among which BCD is the Spanish partner.

Further details:

Spanish businesses awarded:

DME Award 2007
Chocolat Factory, DME Award - Large company category
Santa & Cole, DME Award - Medium company category
JG Group, Honorable Mention - Medium company category
Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Logroño, DME Award - Public organisation category.
Gabinete de Iniciativa Joven, Honorable Mention - Public organisation category.

DME Award 2008
Roca, DME Award - Large company category

DME Award 2009
Metalarte, Honorable Mention - Small company category

DME Award 2010
Figueras International Seating, DME Award -  Medium company category
Estiluz, Honorable Mention - Small company category

DME Award 2011
Lékué, DME Award - Medium company category.
nanimarquina, DME Award - Small company category.
Teixidors, Honorable Mention - Small company category.

DME Award 2013
Camper, DME Award - Large company category
Cricursa, DME Award -  Medium company category
Gandia Blasco, Honorable Mention - Medium company category.

DME Award 2014-15
Marset, DME Award -  Small company category
Octàgon Design, Honorable Mention - Micro company category