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6 SEPT 2011

From 20 September to 6 October, London will host the exhibition "Barcelona London Design meets Design", a sample of several proposed projects and design studios from Barcelona that aims to raise the awareness of the creativity of the design sector of the catalan capital in the British market.

This initiative, organized by BCD, GR Design Studio and The Vyner Studio, with the support of Barcelona City Council, aims to promote business opportunities between the supply of design in Barcelona and the business English as well as promote the brand Barcelona in a market to attract investment.

The exhibition "Barcelona London Design meets Design" will take place at The Vyner Studio, a contemporary art gallery located in the Shoreditch district, an area some of the most important emerging galleries from the British city were located.

This exhibition will coincide in time with the London Design Festival and the Fair 100& Design, and will present projects from six design studios from Barcelona (two of them have an office in London). The studies that will participate in the exhibition are AloyMas, Causas Externas, GR Design, Tomás Alonso, Oscar Diaz, OutOfStock, and GR Design, wich has assumed the curatorship of the exhibition. These are young professionals with a proven track record and a strategic interest in the English market, they want to take this opportunity to show their creativity and demonstrate their understanding of the design.

The exhibition will open on September 20 at 18.00, open until October 6 on the Vyner Studio Gallery, number 1-5 Vyner Street London (E2 9DG). Half an hour before the public opening, will offer a presentation and a private screening of specialized media and press in general, blogs and websites.

UK designers priority market for Catalan

According to the results of the annual study pf internationalization performed by BCD, the UK is one of the priority markets of design service companies in Catalonia and, therefore, one of the most interested to carry out international activities .
London also is recognized as one of the capitals of design and have important organizations such as the Design Council, the Design Museum and the Royal College of Art, all internationally recognized.

BCD Barcelona Design Center is actively involved in this initiative as part of its program BCN Design Export, which aims to promote the internationalization of companies from various sectors, as well as studies that offer design services.

For more information:

BCD Barcelona Design Center
Contact: Carles Barbero - Director of Communication and Press
T. 93 218 28 22 / M. 609 507 491 -

Murray Weir Willats
Contact: Zoe Ramsay - 020 72451066

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