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See you at HULA HOOP - The Circular Design Experience!

23 JUL 2018

  • Hula Hoop

Sustainability, economy and circular design, eco-innovation and eco-design, among others, are concepts that are increasingly present in both of our daily personal and professional lives. In a society that lives on the basis of the law of 'unlimited growth' in a finite resource environment, the need for different sectors to intervene is evident in order to change consciousness and achieve new habits based on two key concepts: regeneration and circularity.

We know the context and the consequent need to rethink the current production and consumption model, but... are we aware of the real consequences of our individual and collective actions on the environment? How do these inertias change? Do we know what we can do as individuals and as a society in order to reverse the situation?

With the aim of responding to these and other questions, sharing experiences and getting to know good practices in the field of the application of the circular economy, on 19th of September, BCD Barcelona Design Centre, with the collaboration of EIG Eco Intelligent Growth and Construcia, and with the support of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, 'HULA HOOP - The Circular Design Experience’ has been organised, an event focused on the new sustainable paradigm which will delve into the circular economy applied in various sectors and from different points of view, also including the perspective of design.

Have you ever played with a Hula Hoop?
As with the Hula Hoop and the difficulty of constantly keeping it moving around our body, the integration of circularity criteria in the production of goods and services, as well as in our consumption habits, requires will, perseverance and the ability to try again when the ring falls to the ground

What is the HULA HOOP - The Circular Design Experience?
HULA HOOP is a meeting place open to everyone, professionals and companies that want to participate in a day of knowledge, debate, interaction and experiences around the regenerative paradigm.

The event will host different sessions and spaces that will invite the reflection and knowledge of initiatives that contribute to a respectful and beneficial model for society and the environment, as well as activities and interactive dynamics for a HULA HOOP experience.

Would you like to know more?

INTERACT! with professionals, experts and participants in the Hula Hoop Space, a meeting space for projects and circular initiatives. Register at the following link to become part of the Hula Hoop community.

*(The opening of the Hula Hoop Space will take place at 4:00 p.m.).

PARTICIPATE! in one of the three work sessions that will take place simultaneously on Fashion, Packaging and Construction, organized by EIG Eco Intelligent Growth and Construcía in collaboration with BCD. Help us to rethink how to face the challenges, in each case, for a more sustainable world through the implementation of the Cradle to Cradle® design perspective. The workshop costs €30 + VAT, with a limited number of spaces available. * (10% discount for members of Clúster Disseny and Packaging Cluster).

Register for one of the three sessions here!

*(The three sessions will take place simultaneously from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., therefore you can only sign up for one of the three workshops).

KNOW! everything behind the circular economy from the Cradle to Cradle® design perspective by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

*(It will be part of the Welcome and Plenary session of the workshops that will take place at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., respectively).

ENJOY! Hula Food, where design and creativity will coexist with responsible gastronomy, with the use of food.

GET INSPIRED! with the Speed Talks.

SHARE YOUR OPINION! about your circular vision on the wall.

PLAY! Hula Hoop and network while enjoying music and a cold beer.

Will you miss out on it? Remember the date!

Wednesday 19th of September 2018 come to experience the ‘HULA HOOP - The Circular Design Experience at the Barcelona Design HUB building.


9:30 Welcome to HULA HOOP - The Circular Design Experience

9:45 Introduction to the workshops by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

10:30 Implementation of the three fashion, construction and packaging workshops. Register for one of the 3 workshops!

  • These events represent a unique opportunity to delve into the application of the criteria of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ (C2C®) Products program and will be developed around - FASHIION, CONSTRUCTION and PACKAGING - based on which specific cases of application of the C2C® criteria will be worked on for the development of products and systems in the circular economy.
  • It is a three-hour work session (with a 30-minute break) in which participants will get to know, first-hand, tools and methodologies that will allow them to analyse and find solutions to the challenges posed by the companies and entities of each one of the sectors. Each workshop will begin with the presentation of a case of real implementation and will have a panel of experts that will collaborate in the analysis and production of ideas.
  • Throughout the process, participants will be able to get to know the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ program and experience the application of the methodology and focus of C2C® design as a tool for the implementation of the circular economy in real situations and which will be carried out by certified experts as well as advisers and members of the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute (C2CPII).
  • Those attending the work sessions will be part of the knowledge transfer of tools and techniques for an approach to the analysis of results and idea of solutions applying the criteria of the C2C® program.
• Fashion Workshop:
Case study: “The most sustainable Denim” G-Star Raw
Collaborators: Association Sustainable Fashion, ByMyEco (recycling denim) / Others to be confirmed.
Facilitator: Aglaia Gómez
* Language: English

• Construction Workshop:
Case study: Edificio Sócrates - Construcía (general contractor) / Gonsi (promotor)
Collaborators: Housing Agency of Catalonia / Others to be confirmed.
Facilitator Cristina Sendra
* Language: Catalan / Spanish

• Packaging Workshop:
Case study: Compostable capsules, Cafés Novell
Collaborators: Sara Bergua (packaging designer/ consultant)
Facilitator: Oriol Segarra
* Language: Catalan / Spanish

* The three workshops will take place on 19th of September from 09:30 to 14.30 simultaneously, therefore, only registration for one is permitted.

13:30 Plenary sessionof the workshops, pooling and conclusions. Language: English.

14:30 HULA FOOD (Lunch)

16:00 Opening of the HULA HOOP SPACE – interactive space to enjoy the circular design experience.

16:30 Speed Talks

19:30 Closing of HULA HOOP 2018!

Do you want to miss it? Get registered!

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