• Cafetera

  • Integració del sistema d'autoservei més avançat a les terminals

  • Juncal, ventilador

  • Ecobot, dispensador d'aigua freda

  • Cadir d'evacuació d'emergència

  • Cover Me, funda encenedor

  • Banc Mirador

  • S9 Semàfor LEDS de Barcelona

  • Trebola

  • Air Xtreme deshumidificador

Stimulo* is a Profit-oriented Product Design Agency. Stimulo delivers more profitable products by merging strategic marketing, creativity, design and engineering. We do that by applying a simple methodology which we call stimulo360: 1 Identify new business opportunities 2 Create valuable and feasible concepts. 3 Deliver stimulating products and help the client throughout all the production and implementation process. How can Stimulo help me? Find out what design can do for your business: 1 Business Oriented, our target is to make your business grow. 2 Experience, more than 10 years experience designing succesful products. 3 Engineering Power, KIS philisophy: Keep it simple! 4 International strategic alliances with Jean Pierre Vitrac in Paris and chinese partner, Ellis, in Canton. We are operating in China from 2003 5 Service, Making it easier to work with us

Available services:
Consultancy: Design Management
Product Design: Electrical Appliances, Equipment for Urban & Public Use, Furniture & Lighting, Product Development, Promotional Products

Address: Pl. Damià Mateu, 1, baixos 08450 Llinars del Vallès
Year: 2002