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We are a design studio specializing in branding and packaging. We provide all-encompassing brand management. We develop strategies and corporate communication and provide brand consulting. We accompany brands from their first signs of life to being widely recognized. We give them individuality, identity and their own qualities; we give them a voice and shape them to always be useful and fulfil their purpose: to be appealing. In short, everything brands need. We design for companies wanting to grow and leave their mark. Branding: brand architecture, naming, logo design, corporate identity, branded content. Packaging: labels, packages and wrappers, containers and new sizes. Design: art direction, graphic campaigns and shopfitting. Communication: web design, digital marketing, social media management, and accurate media.

Available services:
Visual comunication: Corporate Identity, Graphic Packaging
Product Design: Structural Packaging

Address: Pallars, 6, planta 6 08402 Granollers
Year: 2014