• BEDA Cluster Measuring Design Value as a key factor of successful innovation report 2017

    BEDA Cluster Measuring Design Value ( lead by BCD Barcelona Design Center publishes a new report on the latest findings about measuring design’s contribution to the European economy.
    The report has been published with the support of Design Europe 2021 BEDA project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

  • Guidelines for collecting and interpreting design data. A proposal for a future Barcelona Manual on Design

    New guidelines on collecting and interpreting design data as integrator at the very outset of systemic innovation, are needed for policy makers to take appropriate actions to improve: economic value creation of firms, economic value added in nations and creation of quality jobs. Edited by BCD Barcelona Design Center (coordinator), Copenhagen Business School, Designaustria, University of Cambridge, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office and SVID Swedish Industrial Design Foundation. 2014

  • 'Survey on the Barcelona City Brand’

    BCD Barcelona Design Center, within the Barcelona City Brand Programme, has developed the “Survey on the Barcelona City Brand’, a questionnaire addressed to its network of international contacts in order to provide data on the values that define the Barcelona brand, the most important factors to choose a city to set an investment project, and the ranking of the world’s most creative cities. (October 2013)

  • Design for Growth & Prosperity: 21 recommendations to the EC on design

    The report Design for Growth & Prosperity includes 21 recommendations focused on enhancing design’s longterm contribution to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth through increased competitiveness and the pursuit of a better quality of life for all the citizens of Europe. The Leadership Board grouped the 21 policy recommendations according according to six areas for strategic design action that can be summarised as follows: European Design on the Global Stage, Design in Europe’s Innovation System, Design in Europe’s Enterprises, Design in Europe’s Public Sector, Design in Europe’s Research System and Design in Europe’s Education System. Report by European Design Leadership Board (2012).

  • The design sector in Barcelona

    Barcelona has long been committed to design as one of the ten strategic sectors that make up the city’s portfolio, understanding that design is a sector that adds value to Barcelona’s proposal and one of the key driving forces behind the economy, knowledge and innovation. Design has become one of the most important elements in business strategies. Being different, innovative and competitive in a globalized world entails applying successful design management. Furthermore, few places in the world can boast their own distinctive design culture. Catalonia,and Barcelona in particular,are two of these places.