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In accordance with its Action Plan, BCD focuses its activities on three main areas of action:

Area 1 Design policy - Policy Design

One of BCD’s main objectives is to contribute to defining the design policy, ensuring that design forms part of the government’s strategy, and to plan promotion and awareness-raising actions in accordance with the key lines of this policy.

- Benchmarking with bodies and agents from the design and business sphere.

- Advice for the local, regional, state and European administration, demonstrating the opportunities of considering design in public policies.

- Obtaining data which show the strategic value of design and its impact on the creation of economic and social value.

- Stimulate innovation in design for social change.

Target group: public administration, entities and mass media.

Area 2 Business Growth and Creative Entrepreneurship

Organization and coordination of different actions and activities for innovative and competitive companies. Cutting-edge programmes in Design Management, Design Research and Ecodesign.

Specific programmes to promote creative entrepreneurship and the creation and acceleration of new companies with an important design component.

Target group: companies, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Area 3 Promotion and Internacionalization

Design dissemination actions and activities, and international promotion of the Barcelona brand, of its companies and its professionals, and the products and services made in Barcelona.

Actions positioning Barcelona as a preferential destination for the development of design projects or for the establishment of temporary or permanent design units of multinational companies.

Target group: companies, professionals, international stakeholders and mass media.


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