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Patrik Schumacher, director of Zaha Hadid Architects, will preside over the award ceremony of the 7th edition of Roca´s international design competition jumpthegap

20 JUL 2017

The 17th October has been the date chosen for the celebration of the award ceremony of the seventh edition of the international design competition jumpthegap, an event that will take place at the Disseny Hub Barcelona (DHB) and in which the three winners selected by the jury from the twelve finalist projects will be announced.

Organised by Roca and BCD Barcelona Centro de Diseño (Barcelona Design Centre), the
competition celebrates its more special edition coinciding with Roca´s 100th anniversary. In this edition, jumpthegap has consolidated its internationalisation with over 600 presented projects from 134 countries, with Argentina, Brazil, China, Australia, Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, India and Spain standing out as the countries with more contestants.

The jury that has deliberated on the “professional” and “student” categories is made up of Patrik Schumacher, director of Zaha Hadid Architects and president of the jury; Josep Congost (Spain), Design and Innovation Director at Roca; Vladimir Pirojkov (Russia), Designer, CEO of the High Complexity Prototyping Center KINETICA; Benedetta Tagliabue (Italy), architect, director of EMBT and of the Enric Miralles foundation; Anjali Srinivasan (India), designer, director of ChoChoMa Studios; Isabel Roig (Spain), general director of BCD Barcelona Centro de Diseño; Valentin Vodev (Bulgaria), designer, founder of Vodev Studio; and Ma Yansong (China), main founder of MAD Architects. With the votes of these eight experts, the finalist projects and their authors are:

Professional Prize:
• Panacea, by Mohamadreza Shahmohammadi
• Sanctuary, by Bodin Hon and Dilara Kan
• Tank – save the water, by Maya Prokhorova
• WCircle, by Charbel El Tawil

Student Prize:
• Flow shower system / the experience of water, by Zuzanna Wilkirska
• Lambda, by Denis Lara Molina
• Olaia, by Diogo Cunha and Tiago Festa
• Shower-Tub, by Abdurrahman Suheylhan Onal

On the other hand, the finalists of the Special Award of the We Are Water Foundation have
been chosen by a specific jury made up of Xavier Torras (Spain), director of the We Are Water
Foundation and president of this jury; Sophie Thomas (United Kingdom), director and founder
of Thomas Matthews Agency; and Henk WJ Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water
Affairs at the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

We Are Water Foundation Prize:
• Babylon, by Caterina Elena Vianna Iñiguez and Ferran Gesa Zaragoza
• BIOUNIT, by Aleks Cicha and Charles Chambers
• Delta, by Michał Hondo and Kinga Grzybowska
• Luxury with Sustainability, by Natasha Jadhav

Taking advantage of the presence of Patrik Schumacher at the award ceremony, a renowned
architect with an over 30-year long career at the design and architecture firm Zaha Hadid,
where he has ended up becoming the natural successor of its founder as the director of the
company, he will give a brief ‘jumpthegap talk’ on his vision of the present framework of these
disciplines and the opportunities the future might offer.

With the aim of disseminating present and relevant contents and knowledge on design and
architecture, the ‘jumpthegap talk’ meetings gather renowned professionals and experts from
both disciplines so that they may provide their vision on key issues within the sector. Managed
by the same organisation as the competition, these events are celebrated in different cities such as Sofia, Bucharest, Barcelona, Madrid or Moscow throughout the year.

At the same time as the Award ceremony, one of the spaces at the DHB in Barcelona will host a temporary exhibition titled ‘Next Bath Experience’. The exhibition, based on the international
design competition jumpthegap, will be open from the 10th October to the 10th December 2017.

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