10   20 of May

Hack the Lab_TALKS

Join the talks held previously to the big Hack the Lab event, organised by 5G Transatlantic Lab. 5G Transatlantic Lab is a project created by Garage Stories and the Mobile World Capital Barcelona to explore the potential of 5G and XR technologies applied to paediatric healthcare. We aim at fostering new connections between creatives and technologists based in Barcelona and Boston to develop innovative projects that can reduce the negative impact of long term paediatric patients (and families) experience at the hospital. The two participating hospitals are Sant Joan de Déu, member of our Design Cluster, and Boston Children's Hospital, in the United States.

May 11 - Storytelling and Engagement for Kids http://cs.co/6043y67pJ
May 12 - Good Centric Design and Social Impact http://cs.co/6044y67pK
May 13 - Ubiquitous UX Design for Youth http://cs.co/6046y67pM

May 17 - Innovation for and with pediatric patients http://cs.co/6047y67p3
May 18 - From Digital to Spatial Health http://cs.co/6048y67pO
May 19 - IoT, Identity and Big Data http://cs.co/6049y67pP
May 20 - Augmented Senses http://cs.co/6040y67pu

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