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'Inspired in Barcelona: Design Editions' visits the London Design Festival!

Under the Inspired in Barcelona brand, BCD Barcelona Design Center, with the support of the Barcelona City Council, will present a collection of brands and designers which work has been inspired by the values, excellence and lifestyle of Barcelona, at the London Design Festival.

The London Design Fair, will introduce a collection of habitat sector talent which work has been inspired by the values and lifestyle of the city. Barcelona is well-known in the world as a place that exudes creativity, design, architecture and trends, elements which coexist and interact to create the style characteristic of a city which inspires both visitors and those who live in it.

Five Catalan companies will present their creative work at the "Inspired in Barcelona: Design Editions" stand: Barcelona Rugs, Nutcreatives, Sergi Ventura, Toru and Tothora.

Barcelona Rugs

A brand that represents the elegant and modernist personality of Barcelona, source of their inspiration. They seek to achieve perfect harmony between design, quality and final product in all their rugs. All their collections are handmade. They collaborate with renowned designers such as Ricardo Cavolo, Joan Lao, Javier Mariscal and Gerard Puxhe who manage to transmit their spirit in each design.

Nutcreatives is an ecodesign studio from Barcelona that aims to offer products that have a positive impact on the environment and the society. For this reason, they have started with the production of their own furniture range, Noem, with the sustainable values, the simplicity and the functionality that they try to put in their designs.

Sergi Ventura
Sergi Ventura is a product designer and editor who likes to challenge the frontiers of art and design to explore the beauty of rational objects and convert them into pieces with full of details and meaning. The result are iconic designs with both utility and beauty with the goal of decorating distinct and unique spaces.


TORU is a craft and design company that produces beautiful simple design
furniture with exquisite materials. Interested in telling stories through objects by searching new functionality, and the use of material qualities. The products are handmade by local artisans. Founded in 2015 by Jordi Ribaudí, the company based in Igualada has its roots on the leather local industry.


At Tothora we are time passionate, and this brings us to design and manufacture Time Sculptures. Becoming the first to create exclusive and unique pieces for you, that also love the time and the art. Pieces with real Mediterranean character and handmade in Barcelona with German machinery.

All five Catalan companies will be presented by BCD Barcelona Design Center with the support of the Barcelona City Council.

BCD is an organization focused on the economic, cultural and social value of design for sustainable growth. Mission: Promoting design among businesses to be more innovative, international and sustainable; making the Barcelona brand a global reference on design.

BCD is member founder of the World Design Weeks network, a world-wide network of big events in the field of the design that offers a fan of opportunities for the companies and the designers of Barcelona to different markets.

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