“Inspired in Barcelona: A New Decorum” lands at Design Miami

The city of Barcelona makes its debut on the international scene of collectible design with the exhibition "Inspired in Barcelona: A New Decorum" at Design Miami, the world's foremost fair in this field, taking place from December 6th to 10th.

Promoted by City Council of Barcelona and Disseny Hub Barcelona, the exhibition is organized by Barcelona centre de Disseny and curated by Il·lacions Design Gallery. This event seeks to reaffirm Barcelona's role as a leading city in design and innovation.

Creative Diversity in the Exhibition

"Inspired in Barcelona: A New Decorum" presents itself as a conceptual framework where seven creators linked to Barcelona will showcase their works, standing out for their innovative and disruptive vision. The participants include Antoni Arola, Gonzalo Guzmán, Jordi Ribaudí, TAKK (Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño), Turbina (Minerva Capdevila & Mateo Fumero), Josep Vila Capdevila, and Sanna Völker. Through their proposals, these designers bring a contemporary twist to the act of receiving and honoring visitors with a unique perspective.

These creators, through design and a renewed approach to craftsmanship, reclaim the Mediterranean tradition and, at the same time, promote a commitment to sustainability, driving the circular economy. All of this in the name of a "new decorum," showing respect for the guests of this generation and future ones.

Antoni Arola presents "Barcelona Lamp," a self-supporting work that conceptually projects the skies of Barcelona with its subtle light. This lamp offers a unique perspective on the city's different atmospheric scenarios, highlighting its relationship with time and the climate crisis.

Gonzalo Guzmán, known for his stainless steel sculptures, surprises with his "Porró," a limited edition of 8 units. Through "hydroforming," Guzmán uses the same wine injected under pressure to create a unique piece that highlights his fascination with lucid dreams and how they can transform our environment.

Jordi Ribaudí presents a unique work that challenges expectations with "The Fastest Vegan Leather Chair Ever," incorporating reflections on the contradictions between appearance and reality. The piece stands out for its sustainability, using an innovative "skin" created from linen fabric, offering a contemporary view of craftsmanship and design.

TAKK's armchair is a work that stands out for its diverse origin, using recycled materials from ephemeral projects and a wide range of sources. This unique piece represents TAKK's ecological and cultural vision, a studio committed to democratic life, feminist thinking, and ecology.

The Turbina studio presents the pieces "405 - A" and "405 - B", two unique clay slab shelves that reference movement and path. Developed in the United States during a three-month home exchange with local artists, this work is an artistic exploration of how travel and hospitality come together to shape our understanding of territory.

With "Lucky Ressaca" Josep Vila Capdevila transports viewers to a dystopian world where humanity's only remaining natural resources are its own waste. This provocative work reflects on the future of society through the design of semi-utilitarian furniture.

In the same vein, Capdevila also presents "Breakwave," an armchair that offers a protective welcome, with an imposing, brutalist and eternal presence. The piece symbolizes the protection of the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, providing a unique visual and physical experience.

Sanna Völker, born in Sweden and residing in Barcelona, presents the "Näkki Mirrors," an exploration of traditional craftsmanship in making mirrors. These mirrors, inspired by the Scandinavian legend of Näkki, offer a three-dimensional form of waves produced in mouth-blown glass and silver, merging tradition with contemporaneity.

This diverse and impactful collection showcases the richness and innovation of Barcelona's design creators, who continue to push the boundaries of creativity and sustainability in the realm of contemporary design. The exhibition "Inspired in Barcelona: A New Decorum" provides a unique experience to explore the intersection of tradition, innovation, and commitment to a sustainable future.

Barcelona, participating in Design Miami, solidifies itself as a benchmark of creativity and distinction on the international stage of collectible design.

Mireia Escobar, director of Disseny Hub Barcelona: "The City Council is committed to the internationalization of the city's design and creativity, with a presence at the world's leading collectible design fair, Design Miami. It is an exceptional opportunity to showcase the strength of Barcelona's creative industries, accompanied by two local leaders, the Il·lacions Design Gallery and Barcelona Centre de Disseny (BcD)".

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