Barcelona Design Week 2023 kiks off!

Today starts Barcelona Design Week, which this year celebrates its eighteenth edition under the theme “Design for Human Future” and will run until October 28th.

With the aim of aligning itself with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Barcelona Design Week proposes SDG number 18: Design for Human Future, with the purpose of fostering a more humane and humanistic future through the power of design, with the firm intention of generating a positive impact on a global scale and for all individuals.

BDW’23 offers a diverse program with more than 100 activities covering a wide range of creative expressions for all audiences. From interactive installations that explore the connections between citizens and the Sustainable Development Goals to exhibitions that stimulate reflection on the creative process and the world of artificial intelligence. In addition, attendees can participate in conferences, workshops, roundtable discussions, networking events, and parties.

The mission of BDW’23 is clear and ambitious: to use the power of design to address some of the most urgent challenges in our society, ranging from climate change and the artificial intelligence revolution to the promotion of cultural diversity and the fight against social inequality. This festival is not just an event; it is presented as a true catalyst for change and a beacon guiding us towards a more promising future.

  •  | Barcelona centre de Disseny
  •  | Barcelona centre de Disseny

At the press conference held this morning at the ME Barcelona Hotel, Luis Lopezbarrena, President of the Barcelona Design Centre’s Executive Committe, emphasized that “there are a hundred design weeks in the world, which entails a very important international interconnection that is useful for designers and companies.” In this regard, Lopezbarrena stressed that since 2020, BDW has held the presidency of the World Design Weeks, “an international network that is very useful for connecting cities with design”. Lopezbarrena also expressed his gratitude to DHUB and the Barcelona City Council for their support of the festival.

Alessandro Manetti, Curator of the Barcelona Design Week 2023, explained that BDW has been in contact with the United Nations with the goal of building bridges. He also highlighted that the ultimate goal of the BDW’23 is to “generate content beyond this edition, which we will edit and send to the United Nations.” In this sense, Manetti emphasized that the closing party of the Barcelona Design Week 2023 will present the proposal for Manifesto No. 18: Design for Human Future, a document that aims to inspire and guide us towards a more humanized and sustainable future.

Finally, Isabel Roig, Executive Director of Barcelona Design Week and Barcelona Design Centre, spoke about the importance of design: “If the role of design is to improve our world, it must address well-being, sustainability, innovation, gender equality, and more.”

Roig also highlighted the collaboration with the 200th Anniversary of Passeig de Gràcia program and the main installations and exhibitions of BDW’23: Design for a Human Future, Hanging by a Thread, Human/AI Design Challenge, Pure Plants, Nutura, and Young people wanting to move to a better future, as well as the Nº18 Design for Human Future Day, the Opening of Barcelona Design Week, Disseny en Diagonal, and OFF BDW, featuring 60 activities. Among the collaborating events taking place these days, Interihotel, Blanc! Festival, and 48h Open House Barcelona, Roig announced that the latter festival has designated the Wikihousing module as Building 18, which can be visited this weekend.

Roig emphasized that this year Barcelona Design Week features the novelty of Associated Venues, unique spaces that host part of the main program: Roca Barcelona Gallery, Manyone Barcelona, CASA SEAT, Cosentino City Barcelona, IKEA Diagonal, Kave Home, The Social Hub Barcelona Poblenou, and La Masia HP Experience Design Center.

She also expressed her gratitude to the sponsors Cervezas Alhambra, Roca, Simon, Escofet, and Manyone for their support of Barcelona Design Week, as well as the collaboration of Mastinell and Palo Santo.

This year’s graphics were done by León Romero design studio.

Following the press conference, the interactive urban installation “Design for a Human Future” was inaugurated at the Jardins de la Reina Victòria (Passeig de Gràcia with Gran Via), created by Domestic Data Streamers with the collaboration of Escofet. This installation invites reflection on the role of design. The data collected will be public at the end of the festival.

  •  | Barcelona centre de Disseny
  •  | Barcelona centre de Disseny

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