"Christmas lights lighten un the shops" of Horta neighbourhood

Barcelona centre de Disseny with Barcelona City Council’s Comerce Direction and Horta-Guinardó district organize a new edition of “Els llums de Nadal il·luminen el comerç” (“Christmas lights enlighten the shops”), an initiative that pretends to innovate and invigorate local shops of the neighbourhood as part of the Christmas campaign.

To do so, the design schools of the city and the local shops of Horta neighbourhood are invited through shopkeepers association Cor d’Horta, part of the Barcelona Comerç Foundation. Every school will have a shop assigned, and they will decorate their showcase.

The participating schools are Ártidi Escola d’Aparadorisme de Barcelona, ESDi Escola Superior de Disseny, IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny, La Salle Arquitectura, LCI Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny and UPC campus Terrassa; and they have decorated 10 different showcases of the neighbourhood.

The winning showcase is the one of Ferreteria i Llar Marimon, decorated by La Salle Arquitectura students. Congratulations!

More info about the shops and the schools here.

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